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Parallel symposium - 18 WGT Electrophysiology and Pacing - Current Trends in Clinical Electrophysiology

Sunday, October 17th 2021 (14:05 – 15:20)


The complexity of arrhythmia and the rapidly developing changing trends in electrophysiology are always interesting to discuss. Save your seat and join us in this session to know more about current trends in clinical electrophysiology


Time Topics
14:05 - 14:20 COVID-19 and Cardiac Arrhythmias (Muhammad Yamin, MD)
14:20 - 14:35 DOACs in Difficult Clinical Settings (Mohammad Iqbal, MD)
14:35 - 14:50 Beyond Physiological Pacing: HBP and LBBP (Dicky A. Hanafy, MD)
14:50 - 15:20 Discussion

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Chairperson : Yoga Yuniadi, MD
Panelist : Hermawan, MD
  Agung Fabian, MD
Speaker : Muhammad Yamin, MD
  Mohammad Iqbal, MD
  Dicky A. Hanafy, MD