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Meet the Expert 2 - (Intensive and Emergency)

Saturday, 16th October 2021 (19:00 - 21:25 WIB)


Code Author Abstract Title
MTE2_01 Aldila Pradityawati “Succesfull management of ventricular septal rupture after myocardial infarction in elderly : the role of intra-aortic ballon pump and timing for surgery” : A Case Report
MTE2_02 Firman Noor Habibi Electrocardiogram might failed identify acute coronary occlusion: When every minute counts
MTE2_03 Bagus Made Indrata Saputra Right heart failure due to chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension in systemic lupus erythematosus patient: a case report
MTE2_04 Gerry Valdy Cardioembolic Stroke due to LV Thrombus : Very High Risk NSTEMI Complication
MTE2_05 Akina Maulidhany Tahir Torsades de Pointes (Polymorphic VT) as a Manifestation in Hypothyroid Patient’s: A Case Report
MTE2_06 Rachmi Anasthasia Seriulina Viral Myocarditis Mimicking Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Case Report
MTE2_07 Fandy Hazzy Alfata BRASH (Bradycardia, Renal Failure, AV Nodal Blocker, Shock, and Hyperkalemia) Syndrome: Lost in Plain Sight
MTE2_08 Sondang Jasmine Mustikasari br Sitorus Concomitant Finding of Hemorrhagic Cardiac Tamponade and Venous Thromboembolism as the First Manifestation of Occult Malignancy – A Case Rep
Chairperson : Andrianto, MD
Panelist : Abdul Hakim Alkatiri, MD
  Chaerul Ahmad, MD