About Us


First held in 2003, the Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Heart Association (ASMIHA) is aimed to accommodate a global cardiovascular scientific meeting where speakers from all over the world may gather and share their point of views.

Along the years, ASMIHA has kept innovating its program with the introduction of the Young Investigator Award (YIA) in 2004, and the addition of practical workshop sessions years after. Under strict assessment from both national and international experts, only the most exceptional researchers were awarded the prestigious Young Investigator Award.

In this upcoming event, which is also Indonesia’s biggest cardiovascular conference, we bring you a newly invented sharing platform known as ‘Meet the Expert’. This platform will enable medical residents and general practitioners to share their experiences regarding interesting cases they encountered throughout their daily clinical experience.

ASMIHA appealed not only to cardiovascular specialists, but also medical practitioners, students, and even other health-related backgrounds, reaching thousands of participants every year. Previous iterations of the event were 3 days long, but due to the overwhelming enthusiasm, the 30th ASMIHA committee decided to extend the duration of this year’s event.

Furthermore, the committee continues to innovate by integrating this year’s event into a fully digitalized platform. This platform with hopefully improve the extent of this event and better accommodate the plethora of information needed to be told.